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     Judy's Pet Sitting
Testimonials from Pet Parents

 Ralph, Morro Bay, CA

“Judy has always been available to look after our animals when  we’re out of town. Whether it’s our goats, chickens, cats or dogs or whatever, she gives customized service with feeding times and special needs for each animal. She would even bring in our mail from the mailbox and would text us and send pictures each day (if we wanted) for updates on our animals. I highly recommend Judy Abrams."

Mike, Cayucos, CA

"Judy provides professional pet sitting services. She always shows up as promised and takes care of my dogs so that when I leave, I know my dogs will be well taken care of"

Laura & Kelly, Morro Bay, CA

We had recently moved to the area and found out about Judy via a Yelp/Google search.  She requested a meet and greet interview with us, our two dogs and cat, and took copious notes on our pets names, routines, likes and dislikes. Judy informed us that she had an extensive background with animals and many years of experience, including her and her husband’s pet radio talk show.  Since then, we’ve used Judy’s pet sitting services many times. She is very responsive and provides open communication before, during and after pet sitting our fur babies.  She was flexible with time schedules and provided much attention to details.  Judy can be recommended for her consistency in providing the best pet care for your pets. She is very trustworthy and provides reliable, care-free worries while you are away and your pets have to stay. ”

Nancy, Morro Bay, CA

“Judy is a gifted pet sitter who has a knack for putting your mind at ease while away from home. Our 4 kitties were always healthy and upon our return. Her quick thinking even saved our house from catastrophic water damage after she discovered a leak in the kitchen during a visit to feed our cats. All paws up for Judy!"

Dawn, Morro Bay, CA

"When health issues prevented us from walking our dog, Judy picked up the slack. She had come HIGHLY recommended by folks in our community.  She arrived on time EVERY SINGLE DAY she was scheduled (which was 5 days a week) and worked with us on our dog’s behavioral issues, communicated with us as necessary about the fact she found our dog on days we weren’t home for the handoff, or how the walk went, again when we weren’t home to receive our dog. She was definitely someone you could count on, which we did for more than FOUR YEARS. Most importantly of all, our dog loved and respected her."

Dolly, Cayucos, CA

“Hi! I’m a sweet hound dog named Dolly, and if you’re a loved pet, you need to know about Judy. She is kind, loving, patient, and she understands dogs really well—especially considering she’s a human!   I fell in love with Judy the first time I met her, and I jump for joy whenever I hear her coming!  I am always content, happy and safe with her, and we have lots of fun together.  My mom says Judy's the BEST, most trustworthy and knowledgeable human she ever found for me.  We both agree that I’M A LUCKY DOG!   ”

Tracy, Morro Bay, CA

“Judy is a wonderful pet sitter/dog walker! She would send me a text message with a photo of my dog (Sophie), when she took my dog for a walk. Judy would also inform me of any irregularity in behavior and if Sophie peed or pooped. My dog is pretty picky about who takes care of her, and Sophie loved walks with Judy."

Pamela, Morro Bay, CA

"I can’t recommend Judy highly enough. She has always been available when I’ve needed her. My two kitties loved her and she loved them back. I had to
leave on an extended trip last year due to a family emergency and on very short notice. Judy was available. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. And now your pets are the lucky ones; know you are in good hands with Judy."

Terri, Morro Bay, CA

“Judy has been taking excellent care of our dog for a number of years and we enthusiastically recommend her pet sitting services. Leaving town can be very stressful, but we were always comfortable that our dog (and our house) are in good hands when Judy is sitting. We can tell she genuinely enjoys taking care of animals and feels deeply responsible for their well-being. Beyond feeding and cleaning up after our dog, she sits and plays with her. We appreciate that Judy has gotten to know our dog and importantly, Daisy knew and responded well to her. Judy also is responsive when we check in during a trip. We like that we can reach her in various ways, including phone, text and email. Finally, Judy is reliable and also flexible. Every household and every pet is unique; Judy adapts her caregiving to accommodate those differences and adjusts to any situation.”

Mary Kay, Morro Bay, CA

"Judy was truly a Godsend. She took extra steps on caring for my two elderly cats. They both needed medicine and they got plenty of nurturing and attention from Judy. I could go away knowing they were extremely looked after. Judy also helped out by caring for our plants. We couldn’t have done without her!"

Leslie, Morro Bay, CA

“We always could travel with the comfort of knowing that our three kitties were in Judy’s care. Our twenty-year-old cat had serious health problems, and our two young kittens are shy with strangers and skittish, but Judy took great care of all three of them and they adored her. Judy is the best pet sitter you can ask for: totally trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable about pets, and great with communication!"

Anne, Morro Bay, CA

“Judy cared for my two Norwegian Forest Cats for several years. I traveled often several times a month for work and was only able to do that knowing that my fur babies were well cared for. Judy visited morning and night and often sent photos, which assured me all was well. She truly loved my kittos. I would recommend Judy to any pet owner who is looking for a conscientious pet sitter with whom you can entrust your previous furry loved ones.”
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