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Judy's Pet Sitting
About Judy

My Story

Like most young children, I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian.  While that didn't happen, I did work for many veterinarian offices in different capacities over the years.  I've been the guardian of many different types of pets starting with cats, hamsters and fish, and eventually owned German Shepherds, Huskies and Jack Russell mixes. 

For the last 20 years, I have been the executive producer and co-host of Animal Radio.  Since 2001, Animal Radio® has been America's "most-listened-to" pet show. Over 350,000 pet-lovers tune-in weekly on 133 AM-FM radio stations.  The Animal Radio® Family includes Veterinarian Dr. Debbie, News Director Lori Brooks, Grooomer Joey Villani , Travel Reporter Susan Sims and a cast of hundreds. Frequent guest-hosts include the likes of Jenna Fischer (The Office), Glenn Close (Damages) and Cesar Millan. 

Working on Animal Radio has given me access to many pet experts whenever the need arises.  I have also learned many things on the show.  One thing I've always known, is that we all love our pets, but unfortunately we can't be with them every minute of the day.  Sometimes we heed help.  But who do you turn to?  Some people have friends and family care for their pets, while others take them to a boarding facility, where they can unfortunately be exposed to things like kennel cough and diseases.  

It is a well known fact that animals don't like change and do much better in their own home environment, which allows them to keep to their regular routine. 

On top of caring for your pets, I can provide additional services at no charge.  I can put out the trash, bring in the mail and newspapers, water the plants, turn lights on/off and open/close drapery for security.

So whether you're looking for someone to care for your pets while you're away, someone to give them a potty break during the day or just someone to walk your dog, let me provide those services and give you peace of mind!



Contact me anytime and let me know how I can help you and your pet.

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