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                 Animal Radio Gift Ideas







Price: various

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Pixel, the Animal Radio Studio Stunt Dog is a veracious chewer and loves her toys hard! It's rare that we find any toys that stand up to her rough play. That's why we were delighted to find the Tuffy, Mighty Toys, Silly Squeakers and DuraForce product line. MyDogToy is known for its high-quality dog toys, and owners now have an extensive, fun holiday collection to spoil their fur-babies with this Holiday season. 


​Nine of the new holiday toys are Mighty Microfiber dog toys, which include a snowman, reindeer, penguin and Santa themed to Christmas. All toys are available now on the MyDogToy website and Amazon for under $26.


When selecting dog toys, it is important to understand their construction and fabrication to ensure safety as well as maximum fun. Mighty MicroFiber Toys are plush MicroFiber material on the outside with multiple layers of durable material on the inside, such as sturdy squeaky balls and minimal stuffing. Each toy has multiple layers of flexible materials and multiple rows of stitching with all seams located on the inside. This creates no hard edges, which can discourage dogs from chewing. They are also machine washable and they float!


Tuffy toys have squeakers sewn into safety pockets located inside the layers of each toy for added safety. They also have up to seven rows of stitching on the seams of the toy, and up to four layers of durable material to increase the lifespan of the toy, and to make it more difficult to rip through the outer layer. The outside Fleece is cross stitched for added durability, and the toys have a protective webbing covering the outside seams. They are machine washable and they float!



SodaPup Butterfly – Durable Dog Chew Toy   

Price: Starting at $13.99

Available here

This butterfly shaped food maze was the biggest surprise of our gift list this year. We simply didn't think this seemingly uninteresting toy had any place in our furry family. However, we were very wrong. We filled the crevices with her moist dog food and froze it. Pixel, who once suffered from separation anxiety, now enjoys the butterfly when we leave the house. It takes her about 40 minutes to lick it clean. All the while, unaware that we have left the room. She no longer gets anxious when we go somewhere and we owe it all to the positive reinforcement of the butterfly. 


  • All SodaPup products are made in the USA from FDA compliant materials that are safe for dogs.

  • SodaPup is a veteran-owned business

  • The butterfly toy illustrates our point of difference, which is to "think outside the bone" - dogs do not show a preference for bone shapes, and there are many brands that make nylon bone-shaped chew toys, so we focus our efforts on novelty shapes like the butterfly.

  • The butterfly toy also illustrates our strategy to build multi-functionality into the toy.  Not only is it a durable chew toy, it is also a licking toy.  You can smear peanut butter and other soft foods into the "treat pockets" which is made up of the the recessed pattern in the butterflies wings.  In this way, the butterfly is part lick-mat and part chew toy.

  • Because it is made of a very durable material and serves an enrichment function, this toy is ideal for crate training and separation anxiety and does not require supervision.

  • It is also dishwasher safe.




Crown and Paw Pet Portraits

Price: Starting at 

Available at: Crown and Paw 


Fun, fun, fun!!!!  Who doesn’t love a custom pet portrait!   Crown and Paw not only lets you chose a portrait for your male or female pet, they also let you add multiple pets in one picture.  I have several pets and didn’t want anyone left out, so I chose a portrait to include all three, which was the hard part.  They have such a big selection, you can let your imagination run wild and turn your pet into an astronaut, a princess or even a football player, just to name a few.  It’s  so easy to do. I just selected the artwork I wanted and uploaded my photos. In a couple of days I received a proof.  Then in a few weeks I  received my awesome pet portrait ready for hanging. These also make great gifts for your pet loving friends and family.


Showcase the family fur-baby with a NEW custom pet poster from Crown and Paw! Artists at Crown and Paw take a favorite photo of your pet’s cute face and combine it with funny costumes and adorable backgrounds that capture your pet’s personality.  Just upload a photo, choose a design and artists will do the rest.  


The NEW framed pet posters are printed on enhanced matte paper, providing a professional, gallery-style finish. They also come with eco-conscious hardwood frames crafted from renewable forests. 


Crown and Paw pet portraits on posters or canvas are sure to bring a smile to any pet owner's face.  Pet lovers can’t get enough of these off-the-wall custom portraits. They are gifts that will be loved, cherished and remembered forever!   


Check out the new poster styles online.

The Dog’s Best Friend Game   

Price: Starting at $29.99

Available here

Someone has been missing from family game night, but not anymore! West Paw introduces the first-ever family game that finally includes the family dog: The Dog’s Best Friend Game. This exciting innovation in brain game play encourages connection, enrichment, positive reinforcement training and most importantly, lots of fun for the entire family (2-legged and 4).


The challenges range in difficulty and silliness, and ultimately the winner’s goal is to earn points and be named their “Dog’s Best Friend”. Within the deck of cards, there are five cards with training tips related to some of the challenges, each featuring QR codes directing to West Paw’s website with more specific training tips and education.

The Dog’s Best Friend Game includes one no-slip dog mat, 81 illustrated gamecards, eight cups, two squeaky dog toys and a timer. It is made for a group, but there’s also an option to play solo with your dog(s). While players may play as many rounds as they’d like (adding up points on the gamecards as they go), most games last a family of four about 25+ minutes. Instructions are included with every game, including tips for safe and mindful play with your pet.


Pet House Candle   

Price: Starting at $20.69

Available here

The One Fur All mission is to make products that help create a more-loving environment, contribute to finding homes for rescued animals and spread the joy of being a fur family. One Fur All ... and all for pets. 


Pet House by One Fur All, a brand that understands the deep connection between pets and their owners, is proud to present a holiday range of candles, wax melts, room sprays and car fresheners. Unlike many candles on the market today, Pet House candles were created to ensure that every scent is safe for the furry family members in our lives.

This holiday season, Pet House introduces a collection of captivating scents that promise to infuse warmth and cheer. Cherry Crumble takes center stage, alongside other delightful fragrances such as Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, and Falling Leaves, perfect for setting a festive mood. The company has also launched new reed diffusers, that includes a decadent Pumpkin Spice scent.

David Neuwirth, co-founder of Pet House by One Fur All, is excited about the upcoming holiday season. "This is our favorite time of year, as our products make ideal gifts for pet parents. We put a lot of thought into making them because we want them to enhance homes while making sure they’re non toxic.”

Each candle and wax melt is lovingly crafted in the United States using 100% natural soy wax, and free from any dyes. This ensures a clean and eco-friendly burn, without the presence of harmful paraffin or petroleum by-products.


Pet House Candles :

  • 100% Plant-Based Wax

  • Made In USA

  • Neutralizes Pet Odor

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed




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